Ke…¸a for Owing to the many sheres of jstice that intersect in or lives, Walzer arges that jstice can be neither niversal nor timeless What one is de is largely a fnction of one’s historical and cltral circmstances eole in different times, contries, cities, and associations have held and contine to hold very different beliefs abot the demands of jstice Walzer writes, The rinciles of jstice are themselves lralistic in form; that different social goods oght to be distribted for different reasons, in accordance with different rocedres, by different agents; and that all these differences derive from different nderstandings of the social goods themselves”the inevitable rodct of historical and cltral articlarism153 In a similar vein, Alasdair MacIntyre writes, There is no lace for aeals to Ke…¸a 2016

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