Keciborl for 165 To the extent that we are concerned with eqity, with giving to each what he or she is de based on the articlar featres of individals and their relationshis, jstice will indeed be attned to artiality Bt the romotion of artiality reqires its own limits Clearly one does not want to celebrate all forms of artiality, sch as racial bigotry No dobt we mst be contextally gronded if we are to render jstice No less imortant, however, is the disosition to see beyond and rise above the narrow confines of individal identities and self-interest Having rejected jstice as imartiality, Iris Yong offers her readers the ideal of blic fairness in the context of diversity and artial discorse166 nfortnately, Yong gives limited gidance in defining blic fairness Keciborl 2016

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