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Gnostic dualism, besides being theological two gods and cosmological divine world opposed to material cosmos, was also anthropological, since it affirmed the human being’s dual origin and substance body molded by the inferior Demiurge, soul or divine intellect consubstantial with the supreme Deity. Kazakhstan Map Tourist Attractions It was thus anticosmic and antisomatic, since the cosmos and the human body were considered negative realities. Even in the gnostic perspective, the opposition will come to an end with the destruction of matter and its rulers. Kazakhstan Map Tourist Attractions One expression of the absolute type of gnostic dualism, with its own characteristics and broad speculative developments, was Manicheism.

Forms of mitigated dualism, anticosmic and antisomatic, were those medieval heresies that, like the Bulgar Bogomils and the European Cathars, claimed that Satan, the first angel of God, rebelled against him and became the creator of the world and the human body. U. Bianchi, Il dualismo religioso. Kazakhstan Map Tourist Attractions Saggio storico ed etnologico, Rome 1958; U. Bianchi ed., Le origini dello gnosticismo, Leiden 1967; G. Sfameni Gasparro, I dualismi medievali, in G. Filoramo ed., Storia delle Religioni, vol. III, Religioni dualiste e Islam, Bari 1995, 69-98; F. Zambon, La cena segreta. Trattati e rituali catari, Milan 1997.

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