Kaya rare Korean London

42 Albemarle Street, W1 020 7499 0622 Open lunch & dinner Mon-Sat The classiest of London’s Korean restaurants is a serene spot in which to experience the subtleties of this under-appreciated cuisine. Grilling your own food on a tabletop griddle is fun, or you can rely on the traditionally dressed staff to recommend piquant dishes seldom encountered outside Korea. Moderate 20 Queen Street, W1 020 7629 3561 www.tamarindrestaurant.com Open lunch & dinner Mon-Fri, dinner only Sat &Sun This Michelin-starred restaurant shows just how varied and refined good Indian food can be. The menu’s heart is the tandoor oven, stalwart of northwest India, from which emerge stunning meats, game, fish and breads. Service is impeccable.

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