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Beschreibung Karte Map Potsdam.

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Karte von Asien, Weltkarte politisch

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Karte Map for Kiecolt-Glaser et al See also the later section on stress as a physiological response. Chronic stress n Occupational stress The workplace is a good environment in which to study the chronic effects of stress, although many other environmental situations have been studied, for example traffic jams and road rage, noise pollution and overcrowding on public transport Fisher et al. Topf Loss of control in these situations appears to play a crucial role in the stress experienced for discussion of this construct see Chapter Most working individuals will experience workplace stress at some point, and while for many it is short-lived or manageable, for others it is chronic and damaging, being accompanied, for example, by changes in eating or sleep patterns, fatigue or relationship strain. Occupational stress has also been associated with burn-out’ Maslach , . Burn-out is considered to be the outcome of chronic long-lasting job stress and is similar to the final stage of Selye’s general adaptation syndrome i.e. exhaustion, both mental and physical see later section on stress response. Karte Map 2016.

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