Karokh City of Afghanistan

Karokh City of Afghanistan for 20 Only those who fail to nderstand lato’s irony will mistake his written words for trth itself, like the Zen disciles who mistake the master’s finger for the moon Socrates himself never wrote down any of his thoghts his stdent, lato, did that for s Socrates did not write books becase a book cannot select its adience; only the active hilosoher can do that Before engaging his discssants in dialoge, Socrates sbjects them to an insection He does this for two reasons: first, to determine if they are worth the effort of conversation, and second, so that he may sbseqently taer the conversation to fit their needs As Socrates states, once a thing is t in writing, the comosition, whatever it may be, drifts all over the lace, getting into the hands not only of those who nderstand it, bt eqally of those who have no bsiness with it; it doesn’t know how to address the right eole, and not address the wrong21 Socrates talks rather than writes becase he does not want eole forever focsed on the dark words that his fingers have scrawled, when the goal is to get them to look at the moonlit heavens Karokh City of Afghanistan 2016

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