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Datei:Karnaugh map KV Race Hazard 5.svg

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Karnaugh map

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Note that the joint map can help you identify the joint prime

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Karnaugh Map 5 for By the end of the one-year programme, scores on a measure of CHD risk status based on factors including blood pressure, smoking and cholesterol level indicated that average risk scores among the general population actually rose in the control town, while they fell significantly among the general population who received the media campaign alone and to an even greater extent among those who lived in the town that received the combined intervention. After a further year, risk scores in the intervention towns were still significantly lower than those of the control town, although because scores in the media-only town continued to improve, there was no difference between the two intervention towns Farquhar et al. a. Table The three levels of intervention in the Stanford Three Towns project HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMMES The European equivalent of this programme was established in North Karelia in Finland Puska et al This five-year programme differed slightly from the Stanford approach in that in addition to a media approach, it also changed environmental factors, encouraging local meat manufacturers and butchers to promote low-fat products, encouraging no smoking’ restaurants, and so on. It was generally considered to be a success, with reductions in a number of risk factors including blood pressure, cholesterol levels and smoking among men. However, its final summary paper showed that these reductions in risk factors were not consistently better than those in a control area, which received no intervention. Unfortunately, this apparent lack of success has been repeated in a number of subsequent large-scale interventions. Karnaugh Map 5 2016.

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