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Moreover, the Slavs, who were at first bereft of arms, subsequently enriched their weaponry thanks to the influence of the Germans and the Byzantines. We have sparse and late artefacts. Last, the Vikings had a closed helmet in the shape of a mask on the face with a cheekpiece. Between the 7th and 9th c., however, in addition to the closed helmet with cheek pieces and a figure of a ravenous bird on top, the horsemen had a lance and a round shield the armor being doubtful; the infantrymen had leather tunics, a closed helmet with figures of a wild boar, a sword and an imposing lance. For the protection of the chest and shoulders, one can also perceive a sort of pelt or fur. Later, the following would also be characteristic: nose pieces, glazed helmets and swords with a golden grip.

Born in Lyons as a Catholic Burgundian princess, ca. 492 494 she married the Merovingian king Clovis, still a pagan, and led him to baptism he was baptized by Bishop Remigius of Reims at Christmas, ca. 498 499; she was widowed in 511. She watched, powerless, the battles between the Franks and the Burgundians, in which her eldest son Chlodomer died 524, leaving her with three sons; she was similarly powerless over the crimes of her surviving sons, Chlothar and Childebert, who massacred Chlodomer’s sons out of lust for power. She withdrew from the residence at Paris to Tours, near the tomb of St. Martin, where she founded a female monastery dedicated to St. Peter, where she died; she was buried at Paris, however, beside her husband in the Basilica of the Holy Apostles, which would later be called St. Genevieve. The foremother of the Merovingians came to be venerated as a saint, feast 3 June.

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