Kaman for The accomanying danger, however, is that ideology may blind one to more featres of olitical reality than it reveals olitical theories emloy concetal lenses to develo and jstify the mores that order social life That is to say, olitical theories organize ideas, rinciles, and facts into reasoned sets of roositions to gain both nderstanding of the olitical world and moral footing within it These ideas, rinciles, facts, and methods of reasoning, however, are always sscetible to ideological se and abse olitical theorists mst remain self-conscios abot their role as rveyors of concetal lenses and roagators of mores if they are to avoid most insidios featres of ideological thoght The Natre of Irony It is temting to ascribe ideological beliefs to others, and articlarly to those we view as fanatic, while holding that we orselves have develoed sond theoretical ositions that are firmly gronded in reasoned convictions Yet it is imossible for a theorist to view all things from all angles at the same time Kaman 2016

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