Kale for The most fascinating qality of rationality for Weber is its caacity to systematize and rotinize asects of thoght, life, and the world that wold otherwise remain qite nredictable and disorderly The mystery of the earth’s creation or the imenetrable enigmas of the hman syche, for instance, may be rationalized throgh theology and religios ritals Weber was intriged by the worldly effects of religion He arged that Calvinism, a form of rotestantism develoed by the French and later Swiss theologian John Calvin 1509 64, marks the highest reach of religios rationalization Calvinists believe in redestination, which means that God decides for each man and woman, even before his or her birth, whether he or she will go to heaven or hell What an individal does in life can neither win salvation nor ensre damnation Only the hand of the Almighty can ti the scales Kale 2016

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