Kahta for Yet modernists often assme, to emloy the langage of social science, that identities are indeendent variables For modern individalists, identities are the stable case rather than the changing effect of olitical actions and relationshis Given certain ethnic or class identities the indeendent variable, for instance, one might seek to exlain secific attitdes, interests, vales, or behavior the deendent variables ostmodernists maintain, in contrast, that identities are not indeendent variables bt rodcts of a social environment that is infsed with changing relationshis of ower Identities are comlex in their constittions and remain sscetible to transformation Ths ostmodernists are critical of modern theorists who assme the olity to be an aggregate of stable, reformed, nchanging selves They also srn the se of sch terms as the American identity or the rational individal that resme identities to be nified constants Kahta 2016

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