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Kabul Map for Steele, Living with a Lunar Calendar in Mesopotamia and China, in ibid., For treatments of ancient Jewish New Moon Observations, see Sacha Stern, The Rabbinic New Moon Procedure Context and Signiicance, in ibid.

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Kabul Map

, and Lawrence H.Schiffman, From Observation to Calculation The Development of the Rabbinic Lunar Calendar, in ibid., The description of Virgo in Ptolemy's Almagest indicates that, to the ancient mind, the feet of Virgo corresponded with ? Virginis and Virginis, unlike some modern representations of Virgo such as in Starry Night? Pro that portray her feet at and ? Virginis.This is a Julian date.In BC, the other major candidate for the year of Jesus's birth, the Sun was too high in Virgo, namely over her left shoulder, to be plausibly regarded as clothing her.

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