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otside of mind, is a common Zen saying Bt what constittes the mind and determines 110 zen koans the extent of its concetal range In Bddhist hilosohy, the notion of mind resembles modern sychological theory to some extent there is a view that Fred’s notion of the nconscios may have been indirectly infl enced by Bddhist teachings, bt it also conveys other layers of meaning Mind is at once individalistic, in covering varios levels of ersonal conscios and sbconscios awareness, inclding sblime meditative states, and niversalistic, by encomassing all hman and natral as well as sentient and insentient beings As infl enced by Chinese antheistic thoght emhasizing the innate ability of hmanity to do good, as well as the divine qalities of natre, the notion of mind in the Zen school comes to be more or less synonymos with the rincile of the oneness of Bddha- natre as a comrehensive sirital rincile Th erefore, the goal of the second stage in the ro cess of transformation gained throgh stdying koan cases is to be sre that, once drastically distrbed by rofond dobt, the mind sddenly yet ltimately reverses and renovates its corse throgh an awareness of its role in the oneness of all things Jly calendar 2016

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