Juba Map

Juba Map

Facts Jba
Contries Jba Ma: Soth Sdan
Jba Ma States: Eqatoria
Fond to Jba Ma: 19th Centry
Jba Ma and Area: 22,956 km‚²
Jba Ma and olation: 372410
Jba Ma And Lat Long Coordinate: 4‚°51‚²N31‚°36‚²E
Time Zone of Jba Ma: TC+3
Jba Ma And Codes: +211 – 811
Langages of Jba Ma: Engl, Bari, Dinka, Mrle, Ner, Zande
Religions of Jba Ma: Christianity, and Islam
Interesting laces of Jba Ma: Gondokoro, niversity of Jba, Kwaiti mosqe

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