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jQuery Map Marker Plugin makes it easy to put multiple markers on Map

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Jquery Map for In such cases, cognitive-behavioural therapy has proved to be an effective intervention, although whether it is more effective than some alternatives is not clear. Balldin et al. found it to be superior to supportive therapy. However, it may be no more effective than other active interventions. This is perhaps best exemplified by the results of Project MATCH Project MATCH Research Group This large study compared three treatment approaches in over , American problem drinkers n twelve-step facilitation based around Alcoholics Anonymous and involving total abstinence; n a combination of cognitive and behavioural techniques; n motivational enhancement therapy similar to but not the same as motivational interviewing. By the end of treatment, per cent of people who received the cognitivebehavioural therapy and the same percentage of those in the twelve-step programme were abstinent or drank moderately, while per cent of the motivational enhancement group achieved the same criteria. However, by one- and three-year follow-up, there were few differences between the three groups. Jquery Map 2016.

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