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Jordan Metro Map on In 1751, Hume published Political Discourses, which he remembers in his autobiography as the only work of mine that was successful on the first publication. It was well received abroad and at home. During his lifetime, printers in London, Amsterdam, and Utrecht published Hume’s philosophical works in French. Editions were printed in Hamburg, Biesterfeld, Leipzig, and Copenhagen for German readers, and in Venice for Italian readers. Political Discourses included such topics of interest to scholars of capitalism as of Money, of the Balance of Trade, of Commerce, of Interest, of Taxes, and of Public Credit. Taken all together, these followed the continental PHYSIOCRATS’ rejection of MERCANTILISM, with the counter-argument that national wealth derived not from gold but agricultural surplus. Hume’s economic essays, particularly those of Money and of the Balance of Trade, merited critical responses from Robert Wallace, James Steuart-Denham, Josiah Tucker, and Smith. Jordan Metro Map 2016.

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