Johannesburg East Rand Subway Map

Johannesburg/East Rand Subway Map on After obtaining a degree from King’s College Cambridge, Keynes worked in the India Office and became an expert on the Indian monetary system. He decided to continue his academic studies and returned to King’s College in 1909. Keynes later maintained that a master economist should be a mathematician, a historian, a salesman, and a philosopher. At the age of 30, Keynes was named secretary of a Parliamentary commission on Indian Finance and Currency, but the following year WORLD WAR I began. Keynes hated the war, which changed his life forever. He wrote that civilization had become a thin and precarious crust. By 1915, Keynes was working for the British Treasury as a deputy for the chancellor of the exchequer in the Supreme Economic Council. Johannesburg/East Rand Subway Map 2016.

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