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Jogging stroller for Th is brief record, which aears in nmeros classic collections inclding Ble Cliff Record case 26, focses on the connection between ractice inside and otside the gates of the temle: A monk asked Baizhang, What is the most extraordinary thing’ Baizhang said, Sitting alone on Great Sblime eak’ Th e monk bowed, and Baizhang hit him Th e backgrond for the case is that, as the Sothern school sread based on the effi cacy of the shocking teaching methods of Maz’s lineage, nmeros new monasteries were oened and established, esecially in the montainos regions jst below the Yangzi River Th e monasteries oft en were large comonds, in some cases with dozens of bildings that hosed hndreds of monks Bt otside the gronds of the temle, the hills and crests remained ntamed and olated by irreglar ractitioners, magical animals, and other sernatral forces In this case, the key symbolic element is Great Sblime eak, a high, rocky romontory located behind or jst to the northwest ofMont Baizhang literally, Hndred Fathoms High, which faced 150 to the soth based on the laws of Chinese geomancy feng shi Master Baizhang, who sosedly created the re Rles system of monastic rles emhasizing the role of the abbot as the living Bddha, aarently took contemlative breaks from his temle by visiting the eak nearby Jogging stroller 2016

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