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‚ ‚ Maps show Location of Jersey on the World Maps.

‚ ‚ Maps show international boundaries of Jersey.

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Jersey Map for Having deined the celestial sign precisely, and having highlighted the Biblical keys to its interpretation, we shall in the next chapter develop an astronomical proile of the Bethlehem Star Comet and determine its orbit. Lo, the Star Appeareth Profiling the Comet Having identiied what the Star was, what it did in connection with its rising to impress the Magi, how they understood it, and why they interpreted it as they did, we shall now turn our focus to the Christ Comet as a historical astronomical object. In particular, we shall attempt to develop a proile of the Star, determining approximately its orbit and its intrinsic brightness. This is possible because of the wealth of information concerning the Christ Comet in the Biblical text. The claim of the Bethlehem Star to be historical is strong, grounded not only in multiple independent sources but also in the sheer implausibility that anyone in the ancient world could have fabricated a cometary apparition so complex and unusual. Determining the comet’s orbit and its intrinsic brightness will enable us to recreate the whole cometary apparition in /? BC. In particular, it will put us in the position of being able to igure out where the Star was when it was irst observed by the Magi, how close to the Sun and Earth it came, how bright it became at its rising, and how it guided the Magi from their homeland to Jerusalem, ushered them to Bethlehem, and enabled the Magi to ind the baby Messiah. Jersey Map 2016.

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