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II. Catechumenatediscipleship in its historical development: 1st c. 1. Descriptive definition of catechumenatediscipleship as a traditional category within discipleship. By catechumenate, from the neoLatin catechumenatus and its modern derivation from catechumenus katechoumenos, is meant the process of formation in the church’s forma vitae; in the ancient church it pertained to the reception of the three sacraments of Christian initiation, in view of Christian discipleship. At the conceptual level, Jersey City Map Tourist Attractions catechumenate comes from the verb katechein: in the active, to instruct, in the passive to listen. Moreover, the presence of the terms audire, audientes akroaomai, akroomenoi indicates the class of catechumens credentes prior to their enrollment for baptism nomendatio, onomatographia and of one of the levels of penitence B. Poschmann: RAC 2, 814. This set in motion a distinction of the class of the competentes photizomenoi or illuminandi, members of the preparatory phase closest to baptism, through which they become fideles neophytoi. Catechesis katechesis is clearly identified within this formative way of the community as a fundamental dimension see O. Pasquato: RAC 20, 424- 425, but as accompanied by the basic requirements of conversion, penitence, ascesis and the respective rites M. Metzger, Katechumenat, RAC 20, 497- 498; for the pagan and Jewish parallels, see W. Drews, RAC 20, 498-506.

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