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GAMBLING : There is horse racing (under Government control) from March to July and August to December. Tokyo‚„s race track is the Fuchu race course in the suburbs. The Yodo race course at Kyoto is the next largest in the country. Bicycle racing, also under Government control, is a year-round attraction*

LANGUAGE : Generally speaking, tourists will find that they will have no language difficulty in traveling throughout Japan.

LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING : Good. Readily available and of good quality. Service is fast; where laundry is concerned, it is possible to get overnight service; dry cleaning takes about two days.

LIQUOR : Sake, a rice wine, is the national drink. Japanese beer is generally recognized to be as good as any other beer produced. Other spirits are readily obtainable at all the leading hotels, bars and restaurants. One bottle of liquor may be brought into Japan.

MEDICAL FACILITIES : There are several hospitals in Tokyo as well as fully qualified American and British doctors.

MOTION PICTURES : There are motion picture theaters which show American and European films besides the native productions, which alone run into well over 250 full-length features a year. The Ynraku-za, Hibiya Gekijo, Tokyo Gekijo, Marunouchi-N ikkatsu, Piccadilly Theater are the prominent downtown theaters in Tokyo showing American and foreign pictures with original sound tracks.

MUSIC : The Japanese are very much interested in all types of ‚“Western‚ music. Five symphony orchestras, four of them in Tokyo, hold regular subscription concerts in season. The NHK Symphony Orchestra of the Japanese Broadcasting Society is especially popular. Choral groups give performances of religious works from time to time; instrumental and vocal recitals are daily occurrences. Frequent visits by foreign artists of international stature have enabled the Japanese to become acquainted with the highest present standards of artistry. The Fujiwara Opera Company, one of several, is the pioneer Japanese opera troupe and has appeared in the United States with its production of Madame Butterfly. Popular dances and jazz bands are numerous. Indigenous Japanese music, which is constructed on a tone scale different from that of Occidental music, may seem enigmatic to the average Westerner, but the skill of the instrumental performers may still be appreciated.

NIGHT CLIJBS AND CABARETS: There are cafes and bars, but no night clubs as we know them. Most of the large hotels have dance floors and orchestras. And there are dance halls with Japanese taxi dancers. Ochaya, or tea houses, cater to hundreds of guests and the geisha, or professional entertainer, dances for the guests in what really amounts to a ritual dance.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Both black-and-white and color film are manufactured locally, while American brands may be obtained at leading stores. Prices for Japanese films are roughly equivalent to the film prices in America, but imported film may cost 30 to 40 per cent more. Black-and-white film processing service is available almost anywhere, many shops offering 24-hour service. The puzzling DPE sign hung out on many shops signifies that developing, printing and enlarging is done there.

RELIGION: There are about 24 Christian sects in Japan, including Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopal and Congregational churches. The three major religions are Buddhism, Shintoism and Christianity.

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