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Japan train map for Since the birth consisted of the cometary coma playing the part of a baby in Virgo’s womb that grows and is born, the most obvious and natural explanation of this parenthetical note one who is to rule all the nations with an iron scepter; v. is that the whole comet, including its long tail, at that very point took the form of an iron scepter. Scepters in the ancient world were typically straight, long sticks, often with some decoration or fancy design at the top. At the time that the baby Messiah was born, the cometary tail was apparently silvery-grey in color and was extremely long. Numbers is very important here, because that prophecy by the Mesopotamian seer Balaam had suggested that, at the time of the Messiah’s coming, a cometary scepter would rise or stand. As we have already seen, what Balaam prophesied suggested that the Messiah’s comet-star would look like a scepter at the time when it rose. Revelation appears to be claiming that the Messiah’s cometary scepter was a prominent celestial feature at the point when Virgo’s baby was fully delivered. Japan train map 2016.

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