Jakarta Map

Jakarta Map

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Jakarta Map for When this is taken into account, the comet’s surface brightness, assuming n=, would have been more like that of Saturn. This was kindly highlighted to me by Andreas Kammerer, personal email message to the author, November , Andreas is a programmer of the Project Pluto Guide software and a highly respected German amateur cometary astronomer. Seargent Sungrazing Comets makes the point that, historically, the largest group of daylight comets consists of intrinsically bright comets with perihelion distances of . AU that have favorable forward-scattering geometry, such as Comet Skjellerup- Maristany in The Biblical data may put a couple of constraints on the coma’s brightness Observers could tell that the meteor storm Rev. which we have dated to shortly before dawn on October , BC, the eve of the celestial birth, was radiating from the tail of Virgo’s southern neighbor, the serpentine Hydra. Depending on the precise location of the radiant within the tail of Hydra and on the time of the meteor storm, some or all of the coma may have been above the horizon. If any of the coma was visible at the time, it was clearly not so intensely bright that it prevented observers from seeing thousands of meteors streaking across that third of the sky. Jakarta Map 2016.

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