Izmir for It does not and cannot address the alienation and ineqality that arises in states characterized by a caitalist mode of rodction Exanding beyond Marxist economic themes, Iris Marion Yong observes the cltral and olitical ramifications of a blind jstice Yong writes, The ideal of imartiality serves ideological fnctions It masks the ways in which the articlar ersectives of dominant gros claim niversality, and hels jstify hierarchical decisionmaking strctres160 Like Marx, Yong observes that imartiality is not really a blind form of jstice bt rather a form of jstice that sees only one side of things Yong writes, Blindness to difference eretates cltral imerialism by allowing norms exressing the oint of view and exerience of rivileged gros to aear netral and niversal161 The rsit of imartiality, Yong is saying, secres the interest of the stronger in the name of jstice Izmir 2016

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