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Ä°zmir Map on The four main forms of settlements are fishing villages, paddy or wet-rice villages, mixed-crop villages, and cash-crop villages. The other forms of rural settlements are primarily associated with those who settled in Malaysia since the early 19th century. The introduction by the British of the plantation system, and the subsequent cultivation of rubber and palm oil, changed the face of rural Peninsular Malaysia and led to the development of large towns and cities centered around the tin and rubber belt along the peninsula’s west side. The early history of Malaysia is scarce. What is known is that there was early contact with China and with Hindu influences from India. Politically, Malaysia was subdivided into small kingdoms and chiefdoms. Beginning in the 18th century, Great Britain became active in the area and, by the early 19th century, had gained control of Peninsular Malaysia and most of northern Borneo. Ä°zmir Map 2016.

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