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Speculation. Buying and selling with a view to buying and selling at a profit later when prices have changed. c$> arbitrage; bear; bull; stag.

Speculative motive. A motive for holding money which arises from the possibility that the money value of other forms of wealth may change. Thus, suppose an individual can hold his wealth either in bonds or in money. If he expects the price of bonds to fall in the future, he will wish to switch from bonds to money, i.e. he will sell his bonds. This is because a fall in the price of bonds involves him in a loss of wealth. On the other hand, if he expects the price of bonds to rise, he will reduce his holdings of money and buy bonds. Since his desire to hold money is therefore related to his expectations of the variations in value of other assets and the way in which he can take advantage of them, this part of the individual’s money holdings are said to be determined by the speculative motive. keynes, j. m.; liquidity preference; precautionary motive; transactions motive.

Spot market. A market in which goods or securities are traded for immediate delivery, as distinct from a forward market. Spot’ in this context means immediately effective’, so that spot price is the price for immediate delivery.

Spot price spot market.

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