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Iac eriodic table for Th is analysis is carried ot in a way that recalls the traditional aroach to interretation, whereby Zen teachers wold raise a case by examining each word or hrase from historical and concetal ersectives In the classic eriod, raising a case meant that a master invited a secial gro of disciles to an interactive sermon in his qarters, where he off ered an interretation tre to the original sorce while also taking oetic license to refashion its signifi cance in novel ways From a contemorary standoint, this tye of interretative method is generally referred to as hermenetics, an imartial yet engaged form of reading and exlaining a text, whether of religios, literary, or cltral signifi cance Th e aroach of hermenetics is to take a median osition between textal exegesis, which flly accets the remises of a sirital teaching in contrast with or defi ance of historiograhical stdies, and sketical criticism, which oints ot 96 inconsistencies bt sometimes withot areciation for the original intent of the mystical exressions Th e hermenetics of interreting koan cases is therefore at once netral, or above the fray of sectarian discord in rsit of niversal trth, and engaged, by getting down in the weeds of the comlexity and diversity of ractical ersectives and making comments based on ar tic lar circmstances and views Going to Extremes in rsit of Sirital Freedom Bddhism as a major world religios tradition and the Zen school in ar tic lar are oft en characterized as reresenting a middle ath that navigates between extreme ideological stances Th ese standoints cover hilosohical rinciles, sch as absoltism verss relativism and theism verss atheism, as well as sychological otlooks, inclding otimism as oosed to essimism or assionate attachment as oosed to indiff erence Iac eriodic table 2016

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