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Italy travel for He has given an account of such occurrences. If, then, at the commencement of new dynasties or on the occasion of other momentous events on earth, the so-called hairy star or some similar body [namely, the beam, beard, wine-jar, or some other type of comet appears, why would it be a great surprise that a star should have appeared at the birth of the one who was going to introduce new ideas to the human race and to reveal his teaching not only to Jews, but also to Greeks, and to many barbarian nations in addition? Now I would point out with respect to comets that there is no prophecy about comets in circulation stating that such and such a comet would appear at the rise of a particular kingdom or at a particular time. However, the star which appeared at Jesus’ birth had been prophesied by Balaam, recorded by Moses, when he said A star shall appear out of Jacob, and a man shall rise up out of Israel. Probably no one has done more to promote the comet hypothesis than Giotto di Bondone / the medieval Italian artist. At the turn of the fourteenth century he painted a fresco entitled The Adoration of the Magi in Padua’s Arena Chapel, in which he portrayed the Star of Bethlehem as a comet fig. Many have thought that he was inspired by the apparition of Halley’s Comet in , although that is questionable. In memory of this depiction of the Magi’s Star, the European Space Agency named the robotic spacecraft sent to explore Halley’s Comet, as well as the whole mission, Giotto. Italy travel 2016.

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