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Italy Contry for While the difference between modernism and ostmodernism is real enogh, overlaing concerns ersist Ths many of the early olemics exchanged between modernists”who carry on and critically reconstrct the nfinished Enlightenment roject of hmanistically transforming the world in the name of rational rogress”and ostmodernists”who sggest that the Enlightenment roject is historically exhasted, eistemologically 98 thinking olitics bankrt, and ethically censorable”are now giving way to more synthetic efforts of accommodation and dialoge51 ostmodernists acknowledge that identity is formed throgh interaction Hence the reglation of interaction according to rational rocesses, in deference to standards of jstice, and mindfl of the rerogatives of freedom remains, or shold remain, a crcial comonent of their concerns Modernists, in trn, bild their theories of social interaction on shaky grond nless they inqire into the manner in which the identities of actors are constrcted and sstained At base, both modern and ostmodern olitical theorists are concerned with that realm of blic affairs wherein varios forms of ower meet resistance and wrestle with freedom With this in mind, modern and ostmodernist theorists have mch to gain from an oen, mtal exchange Italy Contry 2016

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