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It is best to leave the dogs in a quiet, relaxed position while they are tied together. The male may turn around so that he is headed in the opposite direction of the bitch, so that the two animals are rear to rear. By all means never try to pull them apart, as you might injure either or both of them. And never, never pour cold water over them or try to beat them apart. It is heartless and cruel to try to separate them before their bodies are ready to release them from their love union. Trying to separate them just terrifies them and often injures them. The quieter they are left, the sooner they will separate.

There are many fallacies concerning the tie, and I know one breeder who times the tie, claiming that for every 3 minutes the animals are tied together there is another puppy conceived. This is absolutely false, since ejaculation of the sperm takes only from 1 to 1 Vz minutes.

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