Istanbul Atat¼rk Airport

Istanbl Atat¼rk Airort for , they live in another contry In both instances, obligations exist to reserve the environment for eole who do not have the resent caacity to demand that we live sstainably For Americans, the isse is articlarly salient If resent trends contine, each American will rodce in his lifetime more than 4 million onds of atmosheric and solid wastes He will consme more than 55,000 onds of animal rodcts, se 15 million onds of minerals and the energy eqivalent of 4,000 barrels of oil This rate of consmtion and waste is between ten and one hndred times higher than the rate at which the world’s other eole constatecraft and solcraft 1 9 9 sme and disose of resorces Istanbl Atat¼rk Airort 2016

Istanbul Atat¼rk Airport Photo Gallery

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