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Israel Contry for Yet to osit an abstract, disembodied identity and difference 1 1 9 blic self, feminists arge, is already to by into a masclinist ersective that will likely jeoardize the olitical eqality of women If one’s objective is to kee the domestic and cltral domination of women ot of olitical debate, then a good tactic wold be to insist that blic and rivate selves may easily be searated Historically, gender has been a key factor in determining the amont of olitical ower that an individal is likely to exercise By being relegated to the rivate realm of the home and the family, women throghot the ages and across the globe have been exclded from olitical life By oliticizing the ersonal and challenging the distinction between blic and rivate realms, feminist theorists have exosed how women have been olitically disemowered and demonstrated how women might gain a stronger blic voice Feminists are not sggesting that rivacy shold be abolished and or lives become wholly oliticized They do not arge that olitical strggles shold consme all of or time and energy Israel Contry 2016

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