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Port St Mary pier and The Promenade

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SPORTS: There is a great variety of interests for the sportsman in England. There are some of the world’s best golf links and courses. Near London is the famous Sunningdale course. Westward Ho! in Devon, Hoylake near Liverpool and the courses at Sandwich in Kent, to mention a few, are all excellent.

You’ll find fine tennis all over England. The grass courts are practically all good. An English week-end visit is almost sure to include some good tennis, as the sport is nationally popular. There is every kind of river and stream in England to make it a fisherman’s paradise. The wonderful streams such as the Itchen, Frome and Axe have made English trout fishing famous. The dry-fishing here ranks with the best in the wortd. The moor country in western England offers the wet-fly fisherman excellent casting for salmon and trout.

There’s good hunting in England for deer, hare and many kinds of game, including pheasant, partridge, wild geese and duck. Game licenses cost $8.50 a season for as many guns as you wish and a hunting permit, or $5.60 and $2.80 for shorter periods.

England is wonderful for the hiker and bicycling enthusiast. There is a wide variety of landscape and terrain that can be covered in a short time. The Youth Hostel movement is very popular in England. There are more than 300 hostels in the British Isles, offering low-cost accommodations for hikers and cyclists.

THEATERS. 1. First of all, try to see the famous Old Vic Company at the reconditioned Old Vic on the South Bank. It has a great England, Wales and Northern Ireland tradition of fine acting and offers some of the best theatrical entertainment in the world today. You’ll want to check what’s playing in the famous West End theaters. London offers a great variety of plays and musical comedies throughout the year. Besides new plays, there are always revivals of Shakespeare and the classics. You buy your program, but tickets are cheap, ranging from 42 cents to $2.80 for the best seats in the house. It is best to decide when you first arrive what you are going to see and get seats in advance. You’ll want to spend a few evenings at the music halls, too. The Palladium is the home of vaudeville, the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden is a must. Theater time is 7:30 or 8:00.

TIME : Five hours later than United States Eastern Standard Time.

TIPPING : The 15 per cent rule applies at restaurants. At hotels divide 10 to 15 per cent among those giving personal service. In all cases bellboys, doormen and taximen are tipped extra. Tip only for extra service such as delivery of tickets, etc. Tip cab drivers 6d (7 cent.s) for a fare of 2/6d (35 cents), plus 6d for each 2/6d of fare above 2/6d. Don’t overtip.

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Isle of Man City for Collusion is behavior that allows separate firms to approximate the behavior of a monopoly, thereby raising the profits of all firms within the industry. comparative advantage: the ability of one individual, firm, or nation to produce a specific good at lower opportunity cost than another individual, firm, or nation. complementary goods: goods related in consumption such that the two goods are purchased and consumed together (e.g., sugar and coffee). The demands for these goods are positively related, implying that increases in the demand for one good corresponds with increased demand for that good’s complements. concentration ratio: a measure calculated by summing up the squared market shares of all firms in a specific industry. Isle of Man City 2016.

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