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Islands in hawaii to visit on Communal lands for the use of all became common, as a means to balance private ownership and ensure access to needed land. This concept remains in the modern world, as evidenced by one-third of all land in the United States being publicly owned (federal, state, and local). The spread of western civilization by sea, led to colonization of new lands in the Americas, AUSTRALIA, Africa, and Asia. Eventually the seafaring, global colonial empires, with Western mercantile economies, replaced Asian empire markets for global dominance. Examples include the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English, and French between 1500 and 1800. Control of land was achieved by conquest and assimilation, as nomadic forms of land-access in parts of land 479 the Americas, Africa and Australia was replaced with land ownership. Mercantilism involved the colonies harvesting and shipping back land resources to the colonial mother countries in Europe. Islands in hawaii to visit 2016.

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