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Island vacations for The Sun is perceived in this verse to be within Virgo, and hence her belly is envisioned as encompassing the ecliptic. All in all, Revelation gives us a rather clear idea how the constellation igure Virgo is being imagined with respect to the stars. John’s Virgo is similar to that of Hyginus and Pseudo-Eratosthenes, but the portrayal of her as sitting on a throne is more reminiscent of Teukros of Babylon, the Dendera Zodiac, and the Jewish Virgo from the sixth century AD that was discovered at the Beth Alpha synagogue fig. F IG A Jewish version of Virgo Bethulah seated on a throne from a zodiac wheel in a synagogue at Beth Alpha early th century AD. Image credit Wikimedia Commons. At the same time, it is important to appreciate that ancients seem to have had somewhat elastic conceptualizations of the constellation igures. For example, individual peoples were capable of imagining Virgo as both standing and sitting. Island vacations 2016.

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