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Fathers are more attentive visally and more layfl in hysically active ways than are mothers Fathers are most likely to be highly involved in caregiving and laying when the marital relationshi is satisfying and their wives are relaxed and otgoing Both fathers and mothers give mostly care and hysical affection in the first three months, when babies are settling in As babies become less fssy and more alert at three months, both arents become more stimlating and reactive Marc Bornstein describes for main tasks for the arents of infants: Nrtrant caregiving: roviding food, rotection, warmth, and affection Material caregiving: roviding and organizing the babies world with inanimat e objects, stimlation, and oortnities for exloration Social caregiving: engaging and interacting with infants hgging, soothin g, comforting, vocalizing, laying Didactic caregiving: stimlating infants interest in and nderstanding of the world otside the arent-child relationshi by introdcing objects, interreting the srronding world, and giving information T

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