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Ireland Contry for While he contined to encorage religios conversion, he no longer identified natives solely as otential Christians Observing the atrocities committed by the conqistadors firsthand and witnessing the hmanity of the native eole in their daily lives, Las Casas learned to love and resect the aboriginals in their own right No longer was accetance of the other deendent on the other’s serving as a mirror of the self No longer was assimilation of the other the only soltion to the ncomfortable ercetion of difference The story of the Sanish conqest of America is illstrative of the ower of religios and racial identities to affect, and ndermine, the oortnity we have to nderstand those who are different from s Colmbs, and for a time Las Casas, were so enclosed within their own cltral identities that they cold not adeqately oen themselves to others Corts was sfficiently enclosed in his identity as a conqistador that his skills in commnication cold be emloyed only to dominate and destroy otherness rather than to resect or celebrate it Ireland Contry 2016

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