Ireland Country

Shandon Street II

Ireland Country for While he continued to encourage religious conversion, he no longer identified natives solely as potential Christians. Observing the atrocities committed by the conquistadors firsthand and witnessing the humanity of the native people in their daily lives, Las Casas learned to love and respect the aboriginals in their own right. No longer was acceptance of the other dependent upon the other’s serving as a mirror of the self. No longer was assimilation of the other the only solution to the uncomfortable perception of difference. The story of the Spanish conquest of America is illustrative of the power of religious and racial identities to affect, and undermine, the opportunity we have to understand those who are different from us. Columbus, and for a time Las Casas, were so enclosed within their own cultural identities that they could not adequately open themselves to others. Cortés was sufficiently enclosed in his identity as a conquistador that his skills in communication could be employed only to dominate and destroy otherness rather than to respect or celebrate it. Ireland Country 2016.

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