Ireland Country

Ireland Country

WEATHER IN DUBLIN Lat. N 53 °20′ Alt. 30′

Temp. JAN. FEB. MAR. APR. MAY JUNE JULY AUG. SEPT. OCT. NOV. DEC Low 35° 34° 35° 37° 42° 47° 51c 50° 46° 41° 38°

High 46° 47° 49° 53° 58° 64° 66° 65° 62° 55° 50° 47°

Average 41° 41° 42° 45° 50° 56° 59° 58° 54° 48° 44°

Days of Rain 21 18 19 17 16 15 18 19 16 19 19

LOCATION : The Republic of Ireland is situated to the west of Great Britaih. The six northeastern counties of the island which form Northern Ireland are covered under England and Wales.

CHARACTERISTICS : Ireland, with its castles, lakes, greenness, and soft-voiced people will delight you. Dublin is a charming city, full of interesting things to see. And who can resist the thought of seeing County Mayo, County Clare, the lakes of Killarney and the River Shannon? The people are hospitable, the food good. It’s a perfect place for a quiet vacation with some good fishing and fine motoring.

POPULATION . . The total population of the island is 4,311,000, a few thousand greater than the populations of Philadelphia and Los Angeles combined.

SIZE,: 32,585 square miles, about the size of Maine. It is said that no part of Ireland is more than 60 miles from the sea.

CAPITAL: Dublin is the capital with a population of 522,183; it is almost as large as Indianapolis.

GOVERNMENT: The southern twenty-six counties of the island have an independent, republican type of government.

HOW TO GET THERE: By Clipper, through-plane service to Shannon, about 12 hours from New York or Boston, 13 hours from Chicago via Detroit. Shuttle service from Shannon airport to Dublin. By ship, about 5 days.

ACCOMMODATIONS : Top hotel space is very limited, particularly in July-August. True also at other times, as when the races are nearby, or at Christmas, Easter or St. Patrick’s Day. Make reservations well in advance. Rates in best hotels about $6 per person with private bath (not too many Irish hotel rooms hve them). There may be increased rates at holiday time. Usually rates include room and a full Irish breakfast. Among the best (all $5.95) are the Royal Hibernian; the smart up-to-date Gresham; the Shelbourne, fine, old-fashioned atmosphere; the Russell; and the Central, Clarence, Jury’s, and the Wicklow are slightly less expensive. There are many comfortable guest houses at slightly lower rates.

ARTS : The National Museum, on Kildare Street, with its collections of Irish antiquities from Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, is world famous. See the museum’s collection of native gold antiquities and other Bronze Age relics, very fine; also the Art and Industrial sections. The National Gallery in Leinster Lawn, facing Merrion Square, within easy reach of all parts of town, has as fine a collection of old masters to be found anywhere outside of London. Also fine works by Rembrandt, Rubens, good examples of Italian school, a wonderful Goya, “Spanish Woman”; also the Hogarth works and many famous Irish painters: Barry, O’Connor, Orpen, and two Hones, among others. National Portrait Gallery is under same roof. Open every day, free. The Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, in a fine old Georgian mansion on Parnell Square, is a must. Fine works of Continental painters, English and especially Irish, such as Hone, Orpen, G. F. Kelly, Shannon, Fisher, Yeats and George Russell. Important works by the great Irish sculptor, Andrew O’Connor. The Heraldic Museum, in Dublin Castle, the only one of its kind.

BALLET : British repertory companies, International and Sadler’s Wells Ballet Companies, grand opera and musical comedy companies. Season: all year round.

BANKS: American Express Company, 116 Grafton Street, Thomas Cook & Son, 118 Grafton Street; Bank of Ireland; the Hibernian Bank; the National Bank; Munster and Leinster Bank and the Royal Bank are the principal banks in Dublin. All have sub-offices throughout the city; all have their head offices in College Green or Dame Street.

CALENDAR OF HOLIDAYS : Good Friday, Easter, Whitsuntide, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas Day. Local towns may be closed on afternoon of big local race-days. Bank holidays. An Tostal (Ireland at Home) is a three-week period each year in the late spring, a time of splendid pageantry, spectacular exhibitions and colorful displays depicting the cultural, social and industrial life of the young Republic. Something to see, to enjoy and to remember.

CIGARETTES AND TOBACCO : Irish and American tobacco and cigarettes are available. Of course, Irish pipes (especially good, Peterson’s Dublin). Good cigars are expensive.

CLIMATE : Green Ireland has no extremes of temperature.

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