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Iran Subway Map on Keynes, generally regarded as the greatest economist of the 20th century, played a pivotal role in the foundation of the branch of economics (macroeconomics) that focuses on national economic issues such as INFLATION and UNEMPLOYMENT. Though it no longer enjoys the consensus it once commanded, Keynesian economics remains to this day one of the major schools of macroeconomic thought. Background. Although all strands of Keynesian economics trace their origins to The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money (Keynes’ 1936 masterpiece), there is a surprising degree of controversy regarding what actually constitutes Keynesian economics. Indeed, an assortment of schools of Keynesian economists have emerged with names such as neo-Keynesian, post-Keynesian, and new-Keynesian. Though the various kinds of Keynesians are in disagreement as to what Keynes really meant, they all agree that market forces cannot always be trusted to deliver full employment, and therefore markets may benefit from active government intervention in times of economic crisis. This general view shared by all Keynesians stands in sharp contrast to the classical assumption that the invisible hand of the marketplace will best deliver the socially optimal result if left to its own devices. Iran Subway Map 2016.

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