High-five scam butter go by poppy flip boys bye bye bye foot boy Oh hello hello someone who shoes from LAX Airport is actually almost midnight. And I’m about to. And jump on a plane to Southeast Asia for almost a month with a very simplistic goodbye to my dog. But I wanted to show you what it’s really like for those of you who don’t get to trouble about often on international airlines or don’t know how to transfer planes is just too overwhelming, I’m going to walk you through the entire process. I bet printed pieces.

I have one carry-on. And one carry-on one chicken baggage. And always a pillow always. So it wasn’t scarf to making you warm. And right now. I want to show you how to be looking for EVA Air, I’m flying with EVA Air they’re part of United United to separate goofy no zippers or buttons or errors right here at the close airlines at Tom Bradley terminals, I’m going to head some desert. And find EVA Air in sight now, I’m inside as the Milan you comment said to any air pressure will be aboard with information both all the slice supporting that day. So you have to find your flag sometimes it’s tricky because it will be showing at different airlines if they’re showing you different alliances. So right now as, I’m looking my flight is at :. And I’m going to type a that’s EVA Air but it will keep changing. And showing you all the partners that will be showing up Bianca. And the Democrats flight number Singapore Airlines with each other. So sometimes it might be confusing to do sticking to you think all, I’m playing with either air. And all of a sudden shows you tied. So don’t worry it will keep changing but all you’re really worried about is the flight departure. And destination right. And if the ER line is right. So right now it tells me that at the check-in movies at cc. So I have to find C there’s an a B these over here. So I have to find C to to. And chicken Milligan a lot of airlines have an option picking other LAX or knobs to check in using these monitors right here you can see you can choose your airline of the EVA Air. And then you know security information yes he did to the English. And then it will walk you through entire process of what to do usually what it takes to put your passport over here or scan your confirmation easy to purchase it online.


I am heading to back baggage cross which is basically an option for people that have already checked online. And all they have to do beat their luggage. I recommend waiting. So loud of course anticipation of course. I recommend chicken in online is always better for you you get to choose better seats swivel is stressful all right. So you can be not too busy it’s going to go. And stand in line make sure that my leg is no more than kilograms perky it’s about pounds. I think you basically this chicks how heavy to beg you mine wasn’t too bad. And authority on the right there. And now which excited okay. So all ticked in my leg is dropped off. I feel like going to bed And So you’ll get ticket. I get to. Because I go to Taipei. And then van’t hoff. And on the other side is my luggage tag. So in case. I ever lose my luggage this tags that the barcode will help them find it. So make sure you useful you know hold on to it. Because I did it in the past. And sometimes you can find your luggage they make it difficult. So it on your ticket right here let me show you. So this is my ticket. And the thing we’re looking for a skate number. And boarding time seat oh. I really care about is the gate number And So what, I’m looking for right now as, I’m heading out. So now time to go through security. I have to have my ticket. And my passport ready. So that the lady will be checking if my passport is matching my name. And I suppose. And now it’s time to lose TSA security will be scanning my suitcase that will be my last Oprah way. And a special separate container. I also will be checking you know taking my shoes off here in the US, I’m going to tired sore guys is basically you they make sure that you’ll have on the quiz or they put it in back like in London Astrid’s FSO music is the most peaceful part of every travel because. I’ll take forever on a few lines everywhere you have to undress take everything out unpack yeah it’s painful but. So important because they’re crazy people third is still trying to attack height is crazy speaking of my shoes still separate. And a separate bag see everything separate. And also my sisters will go put it through the scanning machine. And then. I’ll have to go past this way without wearing anything. And anything in my pocket not that. I go through security now it’s climbing to all base, I’m heading to old gate. And I’ll be looking the gate is wide which is once if you know, I’m looking at for signs it’s already telling me that my gate. I believe is when we straighten on to the right. So, I’m going straight my sis keep going babe.

So come this way. So now that, I’m having to my gate. I always bring an empty bottle of water usually. So little bitterness but that’s all. I had at home. And I bring it empty make sure that is completely empty because even improve a little bit at the bottom level keep it away but if you bring it am speaking refill it. And I left in my own water bottle at the airport. And on the plane because there’s always this never enough water or when there is a give you a little confident that you want to fall asleep. And you don’t want to like down the entire top with you go to the bathroom right away. So what was a perfect system of major grounds have enough liquid. And not spending bucks out of water at the airport perfectly. So nice. And cold as you’re working towards the game. So could. I get to shopping. And you can get lost you get the last chance to buy some souvenirs you can get some electronics that. I often forget a little sandwich some more water you know just a good idea to get something before you jump on their flight. I got some coconut water. And a banana an extra second always have some. I have some snacks otherwise, I’m miserable. I am book my gate is over here, I’m boarding the plane right now that will check my ticket again. I will second the last person to boarding. And now with just the boarding pass, I’m heading through the final gate now boarding the plane. And we’re at the plane. And this is the last time when they’re going to be checking your boarding pass let you know where you going. I know of your outfit thank you. So this convert this is passes our passing to the poor economy folks. I think, I’m pretty sure this time you business or the other one was first. And all the way back this must be economy premium where the speaker a little nicer very nice actually just a month ago at all. And we’re heading closer. And closer if you can throws ABC one two three again. And then once the same the scene where conclusion.

I have a window sign disaster go ahead save buttons are all the way back. I know it might be convenient. So let’s get on if you’ve never built a plane. And you want to work works like all here is tiny go bathroom hello CEO this car hello. And yes, I’m just going this better with my handset brush my keys. And green fuzzy yeah, I’m heading to my feet which is over there Thank You Linda see oh nice very nice way another monitor this will work right now huh will work later. And the burning on their lines of different winning system restricted very simple goal blank is, I’m going to get an, I’m asking some salts. And let’s get a interface. And the toothbrush also depends if you’d like business tough to get a lot mark. And reunite headphone for example where basically between a super ice like d games. And I’ve never flown either. But I don’t know you choose this airline myself but because it was revenge but is worth board for me Here. I am it’s awesome although, I’m tired my favorite are very nourishing moisturizer but like my face purchasing goods goes down right. So the non-western ops example a typical Taiwanese. And these are all my beauty goodies that. I try to travel with a hydrogel a lip mask good my lips get very dry when. I travel a face mask this one from Sephora. But I use different ones. I just need some moisturizing something for my face now. I’ll be there for eye bags these are great. I really like this is from Grayson. So, I’m going to link until all they’re really really good if you have puffy eyes the way to do it. And put musclehead mask because oh my god they’re. So handy too one of the transfers was. So he didn’t even get to pull out my camera because we threw a giant plant sciences grander. And those other options to go can either leave or transfer. And there’s a huge line for maybe an hour to transfer. But I want to show you this water machine here in Taipei which is paper cups because it’s only made the filters which away. And you just press you choose forms talk or called me. And then. I got my water see my little paper cup of water super cool. And a very environmentally friendly still waiting in line alright. So once for security. So the science the transfer was just line to go through security just the scan. And your luggage in yourself. And right now, I’m heading to old boarding gates this giant sign. And no other way to go. So there’s a sign to abortion. And you see which is your gate right this is what’s important during o clock my place around. So, I’m going to wait until it shows up your phone calls o’clock the seasick easy some. So got here. And it’s not showing me display. And if. I need pics. And display. So as, I’m heading this way they’re more sign. So the being sick is right oh look out fancy some table to drink tea, I’m actually looking for some food. I think we might be put it in a sandwich but you can have a fish sandwich like a vegetable table or an omelet chicken burrito wrap. I mean pick. And choose whatever you want. And which is like this. So there’s a little bit strawberry puree yogurt also very different to what we’re you still, I’m here back at the gate heavy heejun. I reversed my stuff a little you can talk with them.

So tired from look how cute my plane is super cute alright. So now that. I have my ticket, I’m going to be heading to board it looks a little different. Because I had to come downstairs. So bored let’s go see this lady here she’s holding a little little sign showing that it’s own for. So when you get your ticket it actually shows you what phone do be morning – own spices the last one that’s when you buy the cheapest flydoor yeah or you never fly with this airline. So when. I play with Delta because, I’m a member with them like a tool remember remember probably totally platinum shear you get to board first. So you still want our business stuffs would be done wrong. And then they divided depending where you said there what kind of tickets my zone is less fun. So, I’m going to patiently wait because it’s nice to a gentle it’s my time to board last one to board three of my life. I love boarding left but it kind of sucks whatever. And I was like what it’s over them but exchanged you like to have an aisle. And then versatile by the window convinced to give up yet instead of twice beware the manures here review of us. And if, I’m asleep the other person excimer to get up second. I can. And I chose windows before. Because I want to get some sleep. And can show. And now the short slice hours a number way. So I wanted a kids abortion. I left by the aisle. And gore team does excuse me that freedom like being normal little. So yeah it new charging. So that will be very the network my everyday life. So many imperfections. And I play Oh. I’ll show you some when you arrive in Thailand it’s survival cards till we get different countries information. I am now at the Bangkok Airport. And piccolo immigration baggage claim this place, I’m following following arrows as usual now it being a arrivals immigration baggage claim, I’m going straight easy easy as you can see now that. I passed immigration. I have this table over here that will tell me where my luggages. So, I’m looking for my flight. And my flight arrived around from Taipei that’s the one over here. And is the Caruso number. So it’s completed that’s a, I’m going to find mine. So I can find my luggage. I can change it any time. And I’m screening from my luggage super easy it does say flight number in the back. And it’s from Taipei actually it looks like admin state but it acts just writing right now my good old beat-up suitcase that’s been through. So much there you go sticking up. And it will tell me you know that my name should be here just to make sure that. I did, I’m not stealing other people’s of cases there it is. And now, I’m heading out through the exits for final customs they wrap up this post at the exit. And I’m exiting for exit B which is irrelevant. But I have two options go to the main sections get custom nothing to declare or the right section to something declare you can declare money can declare if you include or. I don’t know what else can declare as we usually try not to declare anything. I mean try not to travel anything it has a big circle to take time I’ve been tried there he goes to clear all the foods related products. And fish. And stuff like that comes in handy when coming to be. So then you trust ourselves with it easy. And I’m going to cross when Mariah. So called airport my friend Lisa. And I hope this post was very helpful for you to get my deal how to navigate through a busy International Airport as you could see it was relatively easy. And I know some which are more difficult than others. But I always think that they never want to make you get off. So as long as you get to us someone. And believe that you can do it you can do it they would always do any other post means you make. I’ll be more than happy to. And fill them for you when, I’m a little bit more refreshed other than the same. But I hope you enjoyed it ed young here in the next post bye.

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