Influenza Map

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Surveillance, vaccines, and infection control can curb influenza

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Map of Avian Influenza (AI) cases in birds.

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Gripe A , Influenza , gripe porcina : Enfermos contagiados y muertos.

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Spanish Flu Outbreak

Influenza Map for It is a common childhood disorder. An interesting example of this can be found in the clinical work of a Professor of General Practice known by one of the authors who has written several articles arguing that General Practitioners should not prescribe antibiotics to people with a cold, as there is no infection to treat, and the cause is a virus. He nevertheless does occasionally prescribe antibiotics at such a time just to be sure’, despite no evidence of infection. EVIDENCE INTO PRACTICE n difficulties in getting the right people to work together to implement change for example, to involve a health promotion adviser in a general practice making changes aimed at improving smoking cessation; n resistance to change, which is amplified by health professionals’ stress levels. Other factors include n Personal attitudes and beliefs regarding the target behaviour their own and/or the patients’ behaviour, the treatment for example, attitudes towards HRT hormone replacement therapy, chemotherapy, child immunisation, abortion and the condition e.g. obesity, drug use, heart disease, AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome; n Personal characteristics of the professional age, gender, culture and ethnic values or norms may all impact on the willingness to make any required changes; n Information content any changes will not be implemented if they are not seen as credible or applicable to health professionals, patients or patient groups; n Information transfer deficient communication of information due to the problems of communication within a large and complex organisation such as a hospital or health-care system; n Transferability staff may argue that what works in research may not work in practice’; n Environmental/organisational issues staff may consider there not to be enough time, staff, or support in making any changes to their practice. Influenza Map 2016.

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