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Inexpensive vacation ideas for We discover in this verse that Jesus was in a house. Wherever Jesus was born, whether in a stable, a cave, or the part of a house normally used by animals, he was certainly in a house by the time the Magi arrived on the scene. Presumably, as soon as the census was over and the population of Bethlehem had returned to normal levels, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus moved into living quarters more suitable for human habitation and remained there until they eventually led from Bethlehem to Egypt v The Child and His Mother. It is striking that the Magi see inside the house the child with Mary his mother v The celestial phenomenon that the Magi had seen in the eastern sky back in their homeland had been divinely orchestrated to get them to see this very sight the recently born holy child with his mother. Now, inally, the Magi could feel joy and relief at having fulfilled their divinely appointed mission to welcome the Messiah to the earth. The absence of Joseph, Jesus’s legal father, from the description is notable. It reinforces the impression that the focus of the Magi was on the Virgin Mary and her holy child. Inexpensive vacation ideas 2016.

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