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ELIGIUS of Noyon-Tournai ca. 590 660. Born ca. 590 at Chaptelat, near Limoges, of an old GalloRoman family, he was apprenticed as a goldsmith in the mint of Limoges before going over to the service of kings Chlothar II and Dagobert, where he exercised an immense influence over 7th-c. monetization, also creating masterpieces of religious art. Still a layman, he founded monasteries at Solignac, Paris and Noyon, helping the poor and prisoners. On Dagobert’s death, Eligius was ordained bishop of Noyon 13 May 641. He evangelized the N part of his vast diocese, fallen back into paganism with the barbarian invasions, but with only moderate success; he took part in the synods of Orlans 639641 a fact known only from his Life CPL 2094 and Chalon-sur-Sa´ne 24 October 647653. The homilies transmitted under his name are not authentic PL 87, 593-662, except the homily De supremo iudicio CPL 2096, in which he has constant recourse to the homilies of Caesarius of Arles. We also have a letter of his written to Desiderius of Cahors CPL 1303 and the Charta cessionis Solemniacensis CPL 2095. Died 1 December 660 and was buried at Noyon.

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