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BALLET: There is no ballet as we know it, but dancing occupies a unique place among the arts, combining action, song, melody, rhythm and harmony and is an integral part of Indian life, having both spiritual and social significance. There are four major schools of dancing in India: the classical Bharata Natyam of Tanjore, the Kathakali of Malabar, the Kathak of North India, and the Manipuri of Eastern India. The last three may be regarded as the counterpart of the ballet in the West. The folk ballet is entirely different. Some of the well-known troupes are the Indian National Theater, the Chitra Players, and the students of Viswabharati (Santiniketan).

BANKS : There are many banks in Calcutta and Delhi, such as the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, Grindlay‚„s Bank and Lloyd‚„s Bank. Besides these there are the Bank of England, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, the First National City Bank of New York and the Netherlands Trading Society in Calcutta, to name a few. There are foreign exchange booths at Dum Dum Airport, Calcutta, and Palam Airport, Delhi. Traveler‚„s checks may be either purchased or cashed at the American Express or Thos. Cook‚„s in Calcutta and Delhi.

CALENDAR OF HOLIDAYS -: Hindu and Moslem festivals are governed by the lunar calendar, hence within a certain period their dates vary from year to year. January 26, Republic Day celebration; (March-April) Holi (spring festival); August 15, Independence Day; Muharram (Moslem festival); (September-October) Dasserah; (Oc-tober-November) Diwali (festival of lamps).

CIGARETTES AND TOBACCO : Cigarettes of Indian and British makes are plentiful. American brands are occasionally available in large cities. See customs regulations for import limitations.

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India Political Map for Then, after descending within Virgo’s belly, the coma would have moved down out of it, making it seem that the baby was being born. Eventually, the baby appeared to have completely vacated Virgo’s womb and at this point it was regarded as having been born. At that moment the comet as a whole apparently formed an immense scepter that stretched from the eastern horizon all the way to the western horizon. Those attuned to what was happening and interpreting it messianically would have had no question but that the Messiah was born at that very time. Finally, the cometary baby speedily disappeared into the Sun’s light i.e., heliacally set, bringing an end to the wonder in the eastern sky. India Political Map 2016.

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