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SPORTS: Golf, tennis, badminton, soccer, hockey, polo, cricket, swimming, shikar (hunting big-game hunting trips can be arranged), and fishing. Facilities are available at clubs for guests of members. For swimming there are some fine beaches in India and a few good pools in Calcutta, Delhi and Bombay.

TIME: Indian Standard Time is 10Vi hours later than United States Eastern Standard Time.

TIPPING : Hotels include a service charge. In restaurants where there is no service charge you are expected to tip, usually about 10 per cent. Do not tip taxi drivers.

TRANSPORTATION: Taxis and bus services. In Delhi public bus service is not recommended.

WATER: 1 Water in some cities is reliable. In Calcutta and out-of-the-way places avoid drinking water that has not been boiled.

WHAT TO BUY: Silks, brocades, woven and printed textiles, jewelry, costume jewelry, ivory, woodwork (sandalwood, rosewood and walnut wood), articles made from horn, brass and copperware, silverware, bidri and other inlaid work, leather articles, lacquer work, toys, gold-and-silver-thread embroidery, lace, handbags, jaipuri embroidered slippers. Government-controlled establishments, department stores arid other well-known shops have fixed prices; bargaining is advisable in the smaller shops and in the New Market at Calcutta where the opening price may be 100 to 300 per cent above the seller‚„s acceptance price.

WHAT TO WEAR: Daytime dress is casual because of the high temperatures during all but the winter seasons. Seersucker, light cottons, dark or light linen in short, washable fabrics. During the summer this is applicable to night or day comfort. In winter, light tweed and flannel for Calcutta and heavy woolen clothing for Delhi is necessary. For the rainy season (mid-June to mid-October) be sure to bring a raincoat. In Bombay, light clothing is suitable the year round. Calcutta is quite formal so men may find a dinner jacket useful for evenings out.

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India pictures for FIG Comet Hyakutake on April , Image credit The High School Astronomy Class at Alssundgymnasiet S?nderborg, Denmark, FIG Comet Hyakutake on March , Image credit Bojan Dintinjana and Herman Mikuz, Crni Vrh Observatory, Slovenia, http //www.observatorij. India pictures 2016.

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