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India Metro Map on In his autobiography for the Nobel Committee, Friedman recalled that experience. My first year in Chicago was, financially, my most difficult year; intellectually, it opened new worlds. There, he came in contact with a brilliant roster of economists and mathematicians, among them professors Jacob Viner and Lloyd Mints, who introduced him to a vibrant educational atmosphere from which, he added, I never recovered. During that period, 193234, Friedman happened to form another kind of relationship from which would be formed a lifelong partnership, with his future wife, Rose. In the words of the fairy tale, we lived happily ever after, Friedman attests. (Rose) has been an active partner in all my professional work ever since. Fulfilling a yearlong fellowship at New York City’s Columbia Universitywhere he steeped himself in the complexities of mathematical economicsFriedman returned to Chicago in 1935 as research assistant to Professor Henry Schultz, recent author of the insightful Theory 320 Friedman, Milton Milton Friedman, a proponent of monetarism, also stressed individual freedom and laissez-faire economics. India Metro Map 2016.

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