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Inclsive vacations sa for As leaders of the rling breacracy, many well- edcated scholar- offi cials gained a sohisticated, cosmoolitan worldview, leading them to seek an intensely ersonal exerience of self- discovery and self- realization Th ey became religios seekers, asiring to a lifealtering exerience or longing to be comforted in their daily lives by the wisdom of Zen masters Literati freqently attended Bddhist ceremonies or took art in retreats to stdy cases Th ese events were held at temles in both contryside and rban areas, where Zen sread based on comlex atterns of offi cial atronage romoting this thriving monastic instittion Frthermore, Zen masters oft en wrote eistles or comosed verses as memorials for the deceased, or to encorage sort for a family member facing a ersonal crisis, sch as illness, death, or trimh, inclding assing entrance examinations Th ese means of commnication oft en sed koan cases as ways of teaching lessons abot how to deal with loss or celebrate victory by exercising moderation based on an awareness of the ehemerality of all henomena 48 Th e Linji school monk Dahi, who layed a crcial role in the advancement of koan ractice in the twelft h centry, was one of the most rominent fi gres romoting otreach to lay followers Inclsive vacations sa 2016

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