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Inclusive vacations usa for As leaders of the ruling bureaucracy, many well- educated scholar- offi cials gained a sophisticated, cosmopolitan worldview, leading them to seek an intensely personal experience of self- discovery and self- realization. Th ey became religious seekers, aspiring to a lifealtering experience or longing to be comforted in their daily lives by the wisdom of Zen masters. Literati frequently attended Buddhist ceremonies or took part in retreats to study cases. Th ese events were held at temples in both countryside and urban areas, where Zen spread based on complex patterns of offi cial patronage promoting this thriving monastic institution. Furthermore, Zen masters oft en wrote epistles or composed verses as memorials for the deceased, or to encourage support for a family member facing a personal crisis, such as illness, death, or triumph, including passing entrance examinations. Th ese means of communication oft en used koan cases as ways of teaching lessons about how to deal with loss or celebrate victory by exercising moderation based on an awareness of the ephemerality of all phenomena. 48 Th e Linji school monk Dahui, who played a crucial role in the advancement of koan practice in the twelft h century, was one of the most prominent fi gures promoting outreach to lay followers. Inclusive vacations usa 2016.

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Inclusive vacations usa

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