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Illinois, 1875 , 971k.

Resolution: 930 x 1563 948 kB
Size: 930 x 1563 948 kB

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Illinois Map Navigation

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Illinois Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment

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malta map, click on map of malta located in the middle of

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Il Map for It was reasoned that people waiting for medical information ? some of which may have powerful implications for the individual, such as their HIV status or a diagnosis of cancer ? may benefit more by being distracted from any worries they may have than dwelling on them. At this time, they have no information to process emotionally ? rather, they are lacking any relevant information. At such times, it may be best to distract from any intrusive worries rather than focus on them using the Pennebaker approach. This finding raises a frequently raised issue concerning the targeting of interventions at appropriate times and at individuals most likely to benefit from them. So what sort of conditions, situations or individuals may be best helped by emotional expression? Are there situations where this approach should be avoided, and other approaches considered? or related medical conditions. Of interest was that women who typically did not use avoidant coping strategies appeared to benefit most from the emotional expression condition. The positive emotional expression task appeared to benefit those women who were typically avoidant, presumably because it did not force them to confront their fears and other issues raised by their disease. Il Map 2016.

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