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Albania ‚ 19 October 1990 ‚ Admission to ICAO

Resolution: 666 x 403 40 kB
Size: 666 x 403 40 kB

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City centre map

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Icao Map for Icao Map 2016.

At the next visit, parents reviewed the results of the action and fine-tuned the solution as necessary. At the end of the year the rates of child abuse and harsh parenting defined as frequency of physically abusive tactics or spankingslapping and child health differed in the three groups: Parents in the EHV program were less likely to physically abuse their children percent than parents in HV percent and control groups percent. Infant spanking and slapping legally not abusive also decreased only percent of mothers in the EHV program spanked infants, as compared to percent of mothers in the HV and control groups. The rate of spanking in EHV mothers is similar to that of college-educated mothers. The differences between the groups were most striking in the caregiving of medically atrisk infants.

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